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How to fund your next rental property.

Renters Warehouse, one of the largest and best reviewed residential property management firms in the U.S., is teaming with Colony American Finance, the leading private lender for residential real estate investors.

The partnership means investing in Rent Estate™ has never been easier, especially with Colony American Finance offering a $250 closing credit exchange for any Renters Warehouse client looking to expand their rental property portfolio. The two companies will also launch a series of collaborative awareness and educational initiatives.

Renters Warehouse manages more than 18,000 homes for over 13,000 investors across the country, and about $3 billion worth of residential real estate. By combining local market expertise and expert tenant services with standardized services and institutional level reporting nationwide, the company is able to serve residential property investors like no other property management firm can.

Colony American Finance has closed more than $2 billion in loans for nearly 20,000 properties by providing flexible financing solutions to residential real estate investors across the country. They provide attractive long term debt products for stabilized rental properties as well as credit lines for new acquisitions. The company works directly with borrowers and brokers.

“Our partnership with Colony American Finance is yet another way in which we can support our clients with a variety of resources and tools needed to grow their Rent Estate™ portfolios,” says Kevin Ortner, CEO of Renters Warehouse. “I always say Rent Estate™ is ‘real estate for the rest of us,’ and companies like Colony American Finance make residential property investment truly accessible – nationwide – for both everyday homeowners and more advanced investors. They provide smart financial solutions needed to get started in Rent Estate™ or to grow your portfolio. We’re proud to associate our growing brand with theirs.”

The partnership uniquely benefits Colony American Finance by ensuring that their investment properties will be managed by the leading residential property management firm in the country.

“We look forward to strengthening our partnership with Renters Warehouse. They have an exceptional leadership team and have become the largest property management firm in the single family rental market. Their vision for growth is closely aligned with ours,” says Beth O’Brien, CEO of Colony American Finance.

Residential property investors can also benefit from the comprehensive guide to funding rental property, Financial Cents: How To Fund Your Next Rental Property, co-authored by Renters Warehouse and Colony American Finance.

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