Join the rent estate™  club.

We see it as today’s new reality – a better reflection of what the American Dream really is. Before it was all about buying a home and living there forever. Now, renting has become the new real estate.

We’ve developed a new infographic that will introduce you to The Rent Estate™ Club – the savvy group of regular Americans who have discovered the true investment potential gained from owning rental property. You’ll also discover why Rent Estate is better than Real Estate and find out who exactly this Rent Estate™ Club is.

Corporate Owned Office: Renters Warehouse

Renters Warehouse, LLC, d/b/a Renters Warehouse®, located at 13200 Pioneer Trail, Suite 100, Eden Prairie, MN 55347 with a license in good standing in the state of MN
Broker Name: David Krull; MN Broker License No. 40422157
Company Name: Renters Warehouse; MN License No. 40445630
Rent Estate Advisors are Licensed Real Estate Salespeople or Brokers in the state of Minnesota