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We’ve been championing the positive side effects of Rent Estate™ for some time now. That extra bit of cash that you gain around tax season from owning rental property – not to mention a fatter wallet year round. Freedom to live your life in peace without 3am phone calls from tenants. The time you get to spend with your loved ones rather than hunched over a cabinet fixing leaky drains.

While it’s easy to see how Rent Estate is a powerhouse in one’s day-to-day life, expand your view a bit further and you’ll see that it, along with the real estate industry helps supercharge the U.S. economy.

We’ve created this infographic to help illustrate all of the various ways that real estate and Rent Estate combine to generate income for our great country.

Real estate is electrifying the U.S. economy and helping regular Americans power up their dreams. Whether it’s through work gained from being a part of the industry, renting a home which generates steady income for landlords or by purchasing additional properties and becoming a member of the Rent Estate™ Club – the housing industry is vital to our economy and the future looks bright!

How Real Estate and Rent Estate™  Help Power the U.S. Economy.

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