Times are changing, so our financial plans need to change too.



The world is evolving from “real estate” to a more accessible world of Rent Estate, and we’re giving you the opportunity to get ahead, get smart and find financial freedom. Rent Estate Revolution will open your eyes to the New American Dream of long-term wealth creation and retirement security. Diversify your investments by leveraging other people’s knowledge, money and time - outsource it all for maximum ease, reliability, and returns. The time for single-family rentals is now, and it’s anyone’s game.



Join the Revolution and change your future.


Economic Policy Advisor to President Ronald Reagan


Dr. Arthur B. Laffer, PhD, and Economic Policy Advisor to President Ronald Reagan has spent his life examining economic policies and their effects on our society. He is uniquely qualified to assess the staying-power of Rent Estate and its impact on wealth creation for millions of Americans in today’s competitive marketplace.


"As someone who has studied tax policy for most of his life, I especially appreciate the tax benefits of investments in single-family rentals...Rent Estate Revolution covers a great deal of ground in an area that can often be complex, but readers will be grateful to find that the book reads nothing like an academic paper. The points are practical and accessible regardless of whether you have a real estate background or a PhD in Economics...Renting is indeed the new owning for millions of people. And for ordinary investors, Rent Estate represents a significant opportunity that should not be ignored.”



Nationally Syndicated TV + Radio Host,

Best-Selling Author, and Real Estate Entrepreneur

Renters Warehouse has written the primer for anyone considering real-estate investing. A must-read book for beginners - and you learn from the best!


Founding Publisher/Editor, SUCCESS New York Times Bestselling Author and CEO Mentor

If financial freedom and a secure retirement are your goals, this book will outline the single greatest wealth-creation tool used by the wealthiest people today.


Founder and CEO of Roofstock

Everybody has a right to invest in real estate, and since barriers to less-experienced investors are lifting, there’s a need to educate and inform newcomers. Rent Estate™ Revolution does just that. It’s a must-read for anyone starting out down this new path.



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Kevin Ortner joined the Renters Warehouse family in 2009 when he opened the company’s first franchise in Phoenix, AZ. It went on to become Renters Warehouse’s most successful franchise to date. A born entrepreneur, Kevin first realized the potential of Rent Estate in college when he bought his first rental property.Years later when he was suddenly laid off from his job as a corporate pilot, Kevin took his love of real estate investing and joined the Renters Warehouse team the next day. It was a decision that would change his life forever.


Climbing the ranks from franchise owner to CEO of the Minnesota brokerage and eventually taking the company reins from Founder Brenton Hayden to become the nationwide CEO in 2015, Kevin always saw the power of Rent Estate first hand. He knew that the world needed to know about this new lucrative asset that nearly anyone could benefit from, the New American Dream. He was set on the mission to help solve the retirement crisis, by introducing an investment tool that all Americans, young and old, should have in their retirement portfolios so that they too could experience the financial freedom of Rent Estate.


An award-winning leader, Kevin led Renters Warehouse through monumental growth nationwide and was honored with both an American and International Stevie® Business Award for his achievements as Executive of the Year. His steadfast leaderships has also contributed to Renters Warehouse being named a seven-time honoree of the prestigious Inc. 500|5000 list of fastest growing privately held companies in America. When Kevin is not championing Rent Estate across the nation, he is passionate about youth mentorship and community. He has been involved with the VANTAGE innovation program of the Minnetonka Public Schools since 2014, acting as a mentor and coach for young entrepreneurs.


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